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Our Most Recent Charity



Congratulations to our most recent charity, 

Come As You Are!


We are so excited to contribute to this wonderful cause!


Come As You Are is a local non profit that provides many different resources for families affected by addiction.  Members of several key community agencies work together to provide community training, preventive support, and support group services for the families affected by substance abuse.  Substance abuse and addiction is an ongoing problem in our community and throughout the world. The effects of the pandemic have caused an increase in the need for supportive and preventative services. We are so excited to contribute to this hard working organization!  Thank you, CAYA, for all of the work you do! 


Please visit their website to learn more about this wonderful program: 






Previously chosen charities: 


August 2018: $400.00 donated to Fauquier F.I.S.H    http://fauquierfish.org/


November 2018: $500.00 donated to Culpeper Heat Shelter  http://culpeperheatshelter.org/


February 2019:  $750.00 donated to Just Ask Prevention  https://justaskprevention.org/


May 2019: $750.00 donated to SAFE (Services to Abused Families, Inc.) http://safejourneys.org


August 2019: $1360.00 donated to Be The Change Foundation   https://www.bethechangefoundation.us/


November 2020: $1375 donated to Living the Dream Foundation



February 2020: $1425 donated to Habitat For Humanity- Women Build (Fauquier County)


May 2020: $1775 donated to Fauquier F.I.S.H (http://fauquierfish.org/)


August 2020: $1575 donated to Fauquier Education Farm (https://fauquiereducationfarm.org/)


November 2020: $1700 donated to Serendipity Equine, Inc.  (https://serendipityequine.com/)


February 2021:  $1625 donated to Mental Health Association of Fauquier (https://www.fauquier-mha.org/)


May 2021: $1575 to Just Neighbors (https://www.justneighbors.org/)


August 2021: $1375 to Come As You Are (https://www.cayacoalition.org/)